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Azure Backup Center

Azure recently made the “Backup Center” a public preview, where you can now quickly validate if your IaaS workloads (VMs) are being backed up via Azure Backup. This provides a single pane of glass to quickly get an overview of your subscription (or subscriptions) and provides you a single and simplified management experience. As of today, Backup Center supports Azure Backup VM backup and Azure Database for PostgreSQL. This list will continue to grow as Backup Center continues to mature and as its adoption rate increases.

The solution should already be available within your Azure tenant as it is available for all Azure regions.

Some of the key benefits of Azure Backup Center:

  • Simplified and a Single pane of glass to manage your Azure Backups
  • Native Integration with Azure Policy
  • Native Integration with Azure Monitor
  • Built in Reporting

To get started, search for Backup Center within the Azure Portal and navigate to the built-in dashboard. You should see something like this, assuming you have already some IaaS (VMs) deployed within your environment.

Next up, building reports with Log Analytics!