Azure Security Center – Secure Score Enhancements

Over the last few days, Azure Security Center (ASC) made an update to how Secure Score is calculated. This new enhancement simplifies how the Secure Score is calculated, and in this post I would like to show how this is done.

As previously mentioned, Azure Security Center is a high-level, holistic assessment of your Azure environment. Azure Security Center can also be extended to your on-premises environment as well. Nevertheless, one of the key functionalities ASC provides is a Secure Score. Secure Score is a calculation based on your specific environment, and the resources deployed within your environment. The Secure Score provides a ratio between your healthy resources and total resources deployed within your environment as per recommendation for each security/vulnerability.

To see your Secure Score, go to Azure Security Center, and looked for your score within the Policy & Compliance blade:

Now let’s look at how the Secure Score is calculated.

If you drill down to your recommendations section, you can see how each control and its potential score. You can also review how you can achieve a higher score by implementing the suggested recommendations.

If we select one of the many recommendations, we can see by implementing MFA in the environment, our overall Secure Score has the potential to increase by 10 points, or 18%.

To get the full list of Security Controls and each recommendations, please see Microsoft’s documentation HERE.


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