Dual-Homing OMS/Microsoft Monitoring Agent (MMA)

Today I learned that the MMA (Microsoft Monitoring Agent) has the ability to be “dual-homed“. Similar to what we have seen in the past with the System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) agent and dual-homing it to multiple SCOM environments/Management Groups, the same can be said for the Operations Management Suite (OMS)/MMA agent. By going into the MMA properties, you can add multiple OMS Workspace IDs.  This is great if you want the Computer reporting to multiple OMS Workspaces and/or Azure Subscriptions, as was the case for me today.

Simply launch the MMA agent, and within the Azure Log Analytics (OMS), add your OMS Workspace ID here.

Note, this works for the MMA version, 8.0.11030.0 — Windows. Has not been tested against the Linux Agent.





2 thoughts on “Dual-Homing OMS/Microsoft Monitoring Agent (MMA)

  1. is there a limit to the # of work spaces that could be connected? Have you noticed any performance impacts on the Agents when they are multi homed to OMS?


    1. Hi Manoj,
      Two very good questions. I am not sure how many OMS Workspaces you can add. If there is any similarities to SCOM, I would imagine 2-4 is the max.

      As for performance hits, well, let’s take a look into OMS and see what it is saying over the last 48 hours.


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