OMS – SCOM Assessment Solution

It’s been a few days since I last logged into OMS. Earlier today, as I was browsing through the Solutions Gallery, I had to do a double-check, as I saw a coming soon, SCOM Assessment Solution. Yes, that is right, OMS will soon be releasing a SCOM Assessment Solution!

As a SCOM/System Center consultant, I can’t even count the number of SCOM Health Checks I have done in my past — this is very exciting as maybe I can rely on OMS to do this for me… hmmm.

From the solution description, it will assess “the risk and health of your SCOM environment on a regular basis. It will provide a prioritized list of recommendations tailored to your deployments”….

As it appears today the solution is still, “coming” so hopefully Microsoft/OMS team can roll this out soon!


3 thoughts on “OMS – SCOM Assessment Solution

    1. Hi Fred,

      Hmmm that is a bit odd. Maybe the OMS team has decided to put the solution into private preview only? Not really sure what the motive behind that move is.. But then again, a solution I was hyped about once, the Capacity planning solution, and that was removed earlier last year as well.


    2. Hi Fred,

      Looks like the solution was removed (as you noticed) but is now back. I installed and tested this earlier last week. I plan to follow up on a post with my findings some time soon.


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