How to disable Windows 10 Lock Screen

After using Windows 10 on my work PCs for the last year and so, I decided it was time to upgrade my home PC. Overall Windows 10 seems great, I am able to use all my applications as I did before, and no issues with the drivers/hardware.

However, I after a few hours I really started to get annoyed with the Lock Screen activating every time I leave my desk for a few minutes. Rather than increasing that threshold, I rather disable the lock screen completely.

Here are the steps I took to disable the Windows 10 Lock Screen.

  • Launch the Registry Editor (you can do this by pressing the Windows icon button on your keyboard, plus the R key on your keyboard (simultaneously).


  • Next, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\
  • Create the following Key, “Personalization


  • Create the DWORD, “NoLockScreen” and assign it the value 1


And that is it! No reboot for me was required. If you are finding the lock screen still kicking in, try a reboot.




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