New Features in SCOM 2016 – Management Packs:Updates & Recommendations

One of the many questions I always ask my customers, “how often do you update your Management Packs?”

Some of the typical responses I get are…

  • Ummm..
  • How do you do that?
  • Where can I get the latest MPs from?
  • Oh, I didn’t know they need to be updated…

Well, Microsoft/System Center/SCOM team has listened and delivered!

In SCOM 2016 you can now simply go into the Management Packs administration, and see if there are any updates pending for any of the Management Packs within your environment. Simply right click and download and install the latest version. Note, this feature is currently only applicable to Microsoft based Management Packs. Third party Management Packs you will still have to download and install manually, and also research if there is an updated version. Who knows, this could change by the time SCOM 2016 RTM, or SP1 or even R2 comes out… Until then, only Microsoft MPs.







4 thoughts on “New Features in SCOM 2016 – Management Packs:Updates & Recommendations

  1. oh this makes things even worse, with the MP library as it stands now means that people fire in management packs without reading the MP guide so things like AD replication monitoring or Shartepoint are never configured properly…..probably will keep me in work though


    1. @Stuart, I definitely agree with you. And yes, it is still up to the SCOM Administrator to read through the MP Guides/Best Practice/New features etc., However in most cases, typically once a MP is installed, it would already have been configured, so upgrading shouldn’t (hopefully) negatively affect the configuration. But yes, SCOM Admins need to read through the MP release guides first.


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