Installing & Configuring SCOM 2016 Reporting Feature

Some prerequisites and things to know… In my environment I am using SCOM 2016 (Technical Preview 5 (TP5)) and SQL 2014 SP1 running on Windows Server 2012 R2. On this local server (I am installing this on my SCOM SQL server) I have already deployed a default (not named) SQL instance, with Reporting Services (SSRS) installed (and already configured). If you run into issues here, please let me know.

On your local server, ensure your SQL service account and SQL SSRS account have local administrative rights on the server. Launch the SCOM 2016 installer and run as the SCOM SDK (Data Access) account.

So let’s begin:





Let this run for a few minutes, grab a coffee, get some fresh air, etc. 🙂


Yay, no errors!

You should now have the Reporting function within you SCOM 2016 console. Happy (SCOM) reporting!



3 thoughts on “Installing & Configuring SCOM 2016 Reporting Feature

  1. I am attempting to install the reports role onto a server (SQL01) for operations manager. The current setup is as follows:

    Single server: “SCOM01” with all roles other than reporting.
    Single server “SQL01” with the SQL database and datawarehouse.

    SQL01 has a fresh and working reporting services instance setup and configured. I can open it from both servers. There are no firewalls turned on and both servers are in the same subnet/network. All the pre-requisite checks pass but when I get to the step during the reports deployment where you enter the data reader account I receive the error.

    “Setup could not connect to the SDK to retrieve the necessary information to validate this account.”

    I have tried multiple different account including the already configured data reader account. I have tried giving it domain admin permissions. Any ideas/pointers?


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