SCOM 2012R2 Web Console Timeout

By default, the SCOM 2012R2 Web Console will timeout after 30 minutes of inactivity. This can be easily disabled/changed by modifying its web.config.

As mentioned the default setting is 30 minutes, in the notes below, I am disabling the timeout completely. If you feel that is too aggressive, you can change this setting to something more conservative, let’s say 60 minutes, then change the value from 30 to 60.

Step 1, locate the web.config path, typically it is found here, “C:\Program Files\System Center Operations Manager 2012\WebConsole\WebHost\

Step 2, backup the web.config.

Step 3, open the web.config (not the backup) and find the following code (which ever tool you are using, Notepad, WordPad, Notepad ++, etc. make sure you are running the application as a Local Administrator):

<connection autoSignIn=”true” autoSignOutInterval=”30″>
<session encryptionKey=”SessionEncryptionKey”>
<overrideTicket encryptionKey=”OverrideTicketEncryptionKey”/>
<managementServer name=”localhost”/>

Step 4, replace the following code (above) with the code below:

<connection autoSignIn=”true” autoSignOutInterval=”0″>
<session encryptionKey=”SessionEncryptionKey”>
<overrideTicket encryptionKey=”OverrideTicketEncryptionKey”/>
<managementServer name=”localhost”/>

Step 5, save the web.config

Step 6, close (any) open sessions with the Web Console.

Step 7, restart the application pool or, perform an IIS reset (IISReset)



That is it!


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