Azure Runbook Limitiation

Here I am testing my Runbooks in my Azure lab, and all of a sudden I get the following alert, “The job failed. The quota for the monthly total job run time has been reached for this subscription. To get more job run time you can change to a different Automation plan or wait until next month when the quota will reset.



Well that sucks… I don’t wait to wait another month! And I certainly do not want to upgrade my Azure subscription plan.

I contact Microsoft, and they advised me the same, I will need to either wait until next month, or upgrade my subscription plan.

“…using a Free account, then it is limited to 500 job minutes per calendar month. You can change to the Basic pricing tier and get unlimited job minutes for just $0.002 / minute.”

Turns out, with the Free account, I am limited to 500 job (Runbook) minutes per calendar month. If I upgrade then I get unlimited job minutes, but at a cost of $0.002 per minute.

Well this is certainly good to know, also good to know, when creating Runbooks, we should code efficiently, otherwise our 500 minutes will but gone soon. =)

Thanks to Chris Sanders, Program Manager @ Microsoft for the helpful information!

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